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Forbes: The Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) Industry is Poised for Explosive Growth.

Mathew 7:7 Wally G

I once read the book “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff and It’s All Small Stuff” by Richard Carlson That statement in itself calibrated my LIFE’s compass.  Despite my blessed and happy go lucky LIFE the blood in me (just like the blood in you) never stopped “asking”, “seeking” or “knocking” for LIFEs purposeWally G Success Entrepeneur Work from Home

In 2008 I was blessed to have a friend think of me and present to me what I now truly believe as the “PERFECT MLM Business”.  I and several others call it “PERFECT” because it merged the perks of the Home Based Business withTRUE PASSIVE RESIDUAL INCOME”.  The BEST PART of the rejuvenating discovery was the absence of the repeated must of weekly and monthly sales.

By the end of my and Cora’s second week in the business we had both managed to start TWO profit generating businesses!! 

Wally G Prayers and Dreams do come true

Wally and Cora AMWAY Avon MLM Nine years later I can truly say WE’RE BLESSED!  I have been married to my wife Cora for 30 years and we have two children Armando (30) and Elisa (18).  LIFE has been good to us but with early retirement in our sights we are beginning to realize the fruits of “labor” and the fruits of balancing LIFE.

The Discovery!!!

Meet today’s 21st century home based MLM opportunity.  Welcome Logic and Legal to Deregulation, Social Media and Technology.  Never before have so many stars aligned to leverage the body as a whole.

Wally G For Yourself but not By Yourself

Today’s MLM is NOTHING LIKE the MLM business I dabbled with in the early 90’s.  What blows me away is how LARGE, MODERN, POWERFUL, PRESTIGIOUS and SOUGHT AFTER the industry has become.

Wally G 21st Centruy MLM Big Money

Gone are the laborious days of; faxes, phone calls, orders, shipments, re-orders, return shipments, deliveries, inventories and in are the days of Modern Technology, TRUE Passive, Residual Income and People Helping People who are helping themselves!  With the fall of the monopoly walls has come competition that has lead to Big Business Downsizing and Small Businesses UPSIZING (Opportunity)!  

I would choose network marketing Bill Gates

While we’ve witnessed HUNDREDS of front runners in the last decade take off: Facebook (Zuckerberg), Google (Page, Brin) Apple (Jobs), Microsoft (Gates), Uber (Kalanick, Camp), and Netflix (Hastings, Randolph).

What is being realized today is that Hundreds upon Hundreds of Thousands of modern day “Entrepreneurs” are tapping into fully operational; 24/7, Turn Key, Home Based, Multi-Billion Dollar Opportunities.  People-Helping-People LIFE styles.You miss 100% of the shots you don't take Wayne Gretzky

          Forbes: The MLM Industry is Poised for Explosive Growth

“I believe the concept of starting a business for retirement income will become one of the most significant trends impacting retirement in the 21st century.” – Robert Laura  – Forbes Magazine

We are living the greatest and fastest paradigm shift (time) that society has ever experienced.  Either way we will be traveling through time.  Those that recognize and seize the time garnish the greatest fruits.  Bob Dylan sang it best “The Times They Are-A-Changin”. – Uber has parked cabs, Netflix totally crushed Hollywood & Blockbuster Videos/DVDs, GPS diminished maps, Email/Text have practically eliminated faxes, Computers sent typewriters to museums, Debit/Credit cards changed banking, AMAZON/Ebay buying/selling.  Smart Phones (2007)/Applications/Technology PERIOD are here to stay and propelling the society into the 22nd century. – The list goes on.

The biggest risk is not taking any risk Mark Zuckerberg

Jim Rohn recently added another article to his collection of “LIFE” and the goodness of living a balanced and contributing “LIFE”.  As he mentioned in his article “5 Undeniable Reasons to Leave a Legacy” (7/3/2016); “we are stewards of this world and we have a calling on our lives to leave it better than how we found it, even if it seems like only a small part.”  “When we are building LIFE that will give for many years, we are thinking “big picture.”  Jim recommends when you’re at a cross road in LIFE; give it a wise deserved thought before you pass it by.  Ask yourself; how does this action (daily activity) affect my over all goal(s)/purpose?  How will this affect people in the years to come?”  LIFE is intended to be greater than simply existing to exist.  LIFE is about discovering ourselves, interjecting our talents into LIFE and paving the way forward for those that are and will be following us.

Matthew 25:15 Talents

I’ll finish with one of my favorite quotes that I picked up from Lee Iacocca back in the 90s.  The quote is highly debated as to its originator but it goes like this.  There comes a time in everyone’s life when we need to;

“Lead, Follow or Get out of the way!”

In a society flourishing with people-helping-people (The “Youeconony” (the Work From Home rush serving with purpose) according to “Success Chat with Mel Robins” from Success magazine 7/14/2016), I encourage you to activate your talent(s) and change not only your exit destination but change the start destination for those that will be following you (make a difference not only in your LIFE but the lives of those destined to be born from your genealogy path). 

Meet the Pro 11:25 Power Team“Voyagers!”

Wally G-Entrepreneur, Success, Wally G, Pro 11:25 Power Team, Voyager, Entrepreneur, Success, Work From Home, Passive Residual Income, Opportunity, Freedom, Network Marketing, MLM

These are every day people like you and me that have chosen to take a leap of FAITH!  They are aware to find true happiness and fulfill their purpose they had to get out of the restricting river banks of LIFE.  Success is one positive LIFE choice away. 

“Action with Direction today Leads to Destination and Satisfaction tomorrow” ~ Wally G!

Wally G, Home, Passive, Residual, Income, Network Marketing, MLM, Pro 11:25 Power TeamHappiness comes when all the parts of the body are properly connected, maintained and balanced.  The thoughts of prosperity rising from generosity, and being helped coming from helping others rises from a tiny yet most powerful moral seed deeply planted within every living person.

LIFE has convinced me each and every one of us has natural God given independent Gifts that not only does He want us to tap into but He expects us to share them with others.  “The meaning of LIFE is to find your gift.  The purpose of LIFE is to give it away” Pablo Picasso

1 Corinthians 12:20, Wally G, Pro 11:25 Power Team, Voyager, Entrepreneur, Success, Work From Home, Passive Residual Income, Opportunity, Freedom, Network Marketing, MLMI like to explain our individual gifts (parts) as pieces to an immaculate puzzle God has us assembling.  To realize how your piece fits into the puzzle you have to connect your piece, to your friend and family pieces, to your neighbors pieces. 

To realize our pieces peace/purpose/value we have to “Let Go, Let God”; insert our pieces into the grand puzzle where they naturally fit.  Lock arms with the mentor (Voyager) of your choice (it may be through this venture, it may be through some other venture that has been on your mind) on the work from home journey; learning, assisting passively while passionately LIVING and having fun!

Wally G, Home, Passive, Residual, Income, Network Marketing, MLM, Pro 11:25 Power TeamTo find your purpose you have to take the first step, that leads to your next step that leads to the next.  LIFE is a “journey”; a “voyage”, both entail a “Launch” as Steve Harvey eloquently presents to us in the next page.

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