At the end of our lives our destination is going to be determined by a few critical “decisions” in LIFE Positive LIFE destinies are a product of positive LIFE choicesSteve Harvey eloquently summarizes a LIFE LAUNCH best in his heart felt speech “Jump”!!

Steve Harvey

If you have found yourself drifting through LIFE OR if you are the “BOLD Entrepreneur” with retirement and security at your fingertips OR if you know you were meant for more; you may just be at the right place, at the right time! 

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Wally G Things Happen for Reasons

Having grown up working in and around family businesses all my LIFE plus owning a couple and getting my degrees in the field; when I saw the quick, safe and low investment turn key start up it didn’t take me long to ask my friend Earnest; “Where do I sign”?  I immediately spotted the quality company and group of positive like minded people that only wished and prayed for the best for each other.  When I saw the chance to do a job once and get paid passively like Elvis or Michael Jackson; over-and-over-and-over-again my mind started to churn.  After I joined I was reminded of the tax advantages into starting a home based business and it’s no wonder financial tycoons like Warren Buffet do not hesitate to pull up stakes and make claims such as this is;

Wally G Wealth

I loved the thought of me having the power to select the established Industry’s Pioneer and Front Runner.  A company stocked and staffed with professional Marketers, Support, Legal, All the Essentials and a Management Team to boot.  Then add to that the friendly competitive people/leaders, associates and support that was the cherry on top.

Today; my team of Voyagers and I are looking for a few more people that are interested in fulfilling their destiny!  If you are;

Wally G Coachable

If a second income, travel, people-helping-people and having FUN with POSITIVE people, are things you would like to incorporate into your LIFE – You have been given a glimpse into our Voyager’s thoughts and lives.  Today you are given a POWERFUL advantage to choosing the Voyager of your choice that you believe will give you the best advantage and assist in LIFE:

Notice:  MLMs are not a get rich quick scheme!  It will likely not happen over night although the industry has really ascended in recent years.  In the end it’s ALL ABOUT YOU making a smart strategic choice that gives you the power to change not only your time and financial LIFE but the time and financial LIVES of others.  What the low start up of MLMs offer is “Chance”.  From Chances come opportunities that offer hope.

Wally G Click Here

I hope has gleaned some light onto your pursuit of happiness.  Recognize your blessings/passions/gifts and nurture them that will nurture you. Balance your needs and stand firmly on the rock; “Be Generous and You Shall be Prosperous, Help Others and You Shall be Helped”

The Pro Power Voyagers and I totally understand that everyone is different.  If you are choosing to take advantage of a free consultation we look forward to speaking with you soon.  Some will, some won’t; we understand, LIFE is different for everyone.  In hopes of balancing and advancing and realizing a happier LIFE I hope something we shared connected with you and I hope you “stay connected”.  My wishes are for the best to you and yours.  If this blog helped you in LIFE please give us some love and support with positive reinforcing comments and share the site with your friends and family.  God Bless!

Wally Jr.

PS:  Remember Things Happen for Reasons.  We all know friends and family that could use a seed of hope (Sharing is caring:  You have the power to change someone’s LIFE today! 

If you feel you missed something; click the link below to get a quick recap of what WallyGLIFE is all about and how to apply it to your LIFE.

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For those of you that have chosen to take the ball and run; let the games begin!!

Wally G Life

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