Have you found your “Silver Bullet”?

Truth be known there is no one “Silver Bullet” to LIFE or Business.

When it comes to LIFE; kicking back, enjoying, prospering and being productive the true silver bullet to LIFE is

Wally G D All of the above

Balance LIFE:  Family, Fun, Jump In, Contribute and Be Productive!!

I went to visit a friend in the hospital this week.  He is in his lower 40’s, physically fit yet he had to get a stent put in due to a blocked artery.  “Out of the blue”; he said, he was helping at the Church and he began having massive pain in his neck area. 

“Blessed” is how he greeted me as he was walking out of the hospital a few days later.  He recognized he was “blessed” to be working next to the Fire Station where his friends and family walked him to, to receive the immediate attention he needed. 

LIFE is too short to go all in on just one aspect of LIFE.  We never know what the next minute will bring but we do know what the future entails.

Wally G Life Goes On

While LIFE is short at the average 78 years financial advise plan and prepare for 92.

Soooooo, if LIFE as we know it is short yet could last a while it only makes sense we need to be ready, take responsibility for ourselves and those that will follow us.  No one else knows what you know and no one else has gone through what you have gone through so YOU are unique in your body and you have to figure it out (asking for help is fine).

Wally G Matthew 25:13

The scripture quote holds true in living and balancing LIFE.  There is no “silver bullet”.  At the end of the day it’s all about taking care of ourselves, taking care of those around us and living LIFE fully until our number is called.

When we were purchasing the house we currently live in I was talking to my dad and I was telling him of all the challenges we were encountering etc.  In the conversation I told him I had been praying and he stopped me and said okay you’ve prayed but what are you doing?

Wally G Pray then do!

The same was once mentioned by a priest to a regular prayer warrior at Church.  He went sat next to her and asked her what she was doing.  She said she was praying.  The priest knew her well and encouraged her okay you have prayed; it’s time now to go out and do!

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LIFE is going to go on whether we chose to live it in harmony with our gifts and talents or whether we settle for the direction we’re heading.  Our drop in LIFE (good or bad) is going to ripple out and touch all those around us without fail.  YOU have the power to enrich LIFE and set it in the motion you want for generations to come. 

Wally G Be the drop

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