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Pro Power 11:25 ~ Legends!

The Legend’s page is reserved for trail blazers that refused to give up!  When LIFE handed them lemons these people made lemon-aid!


As Voyagers graduate through a three step expanded earning process the plan is to promote them into the LEGENDS page that truly represents people that “Tapped into LIFE”!  Legends distinguish themselves by starting a living stream of income that will out live them.  GREATER than the running stream of income LEGENDS are exploring, tapping and sharing their graces and talents (the things that make them tick).  The only way to get to the balanced end goal of wallyglife.com is to begin with the starting goal of people helping people in LIFE!

  Aminta E. Gonzalez or “Tina” as she is know is my mom.  My mom has been a LIFE long mentor that has been a rock for me through thick and think.  Tina joined the business in 2008 and worked it like a Marine (one of the toughest warriors I have ever seen)!  She taught me so much but the biggest thing she taught me was heart with the spice of humor.  Mom was the first to tell me “Tell me who you’re running with and I’ll tell you where you’re running”.  Today she continues to be an independent business woman and my greatest support line.  She and my dad still get up daily and go to work.  Mom’s no quit attitude earned her the purple ribbon service award.  Purple is recognized for royalty but it is also the color formed when you combine all the services colors thus the Armed services recognition ribbon .  In 2016 my mom went through a TOTAL knee replacement and my sister and I were wondering how are we going to go through this at 84 years old?  While the first three days were the toughest I have ever seen my mom fight through once they pulled her off the pain medicines her humor came back, along with her strength and she began to walk again.  Today mom continues to walk and she absolutely refuses to use a cane.  I remember from a very young age my mom always told me I was going to be a lawyer, doctor or someone out of the ordinary (in our books)She knew I would become something big one day and for that I can say when times got tough the tough came out from within me.  (In defense of myself; I have yet to hit my peak but I move forward always receiving fulfillment helping others.)

Honorary Members

The following are Honorary Legends that all contributed to whom I am today.  Give thanks to those that blessed you.  Fab Four Brothers!


                      Wally Sr.                         Ernesto                             Eppy                        Amando

  Wally Gonzalez Sr. is my father.  He served as a Medic in the Korean War in support of the 13th Combat Engineer Unit.  Wally Sr’s brothers Ernesto, Epigmenio and Amando also served in the U.S. military.  Wally received shrapnel to the leg and thigh as he was pulling an injured soldier from the fight.  Wally went on to become an independent business owner and mongrel of business(es) like my mom.  He was a key to my biblical and business “Wisdom” and “Prudence”.

 Ernesto Gonzalez is the younger brother to Wally Gonzalez Sr.  When Wally was drafted Ernesto vowed to his dad that he was going to follow Wally into Korea to help win the war.  When he enlisted his initial deployment had him destined for Germany.  Ernesto declined the order and insisted on following Wally into Korean.  Ernesto too served as a medic in the war and lost an eye in the fight.  When he returned he became the first collegiate scholar of the family and performed many great services for south Texas and in particular the county he was so proud of; “Duval”.  I often remember my uncle vividly wearing a baby blue T-Shirt he proudly wore saying; “Soy de Duval”!  I remember when I was in High School my uncle asked me if I would help him package a grant proposal to take to the Texas State Capital.  I agreed and learned so much that one summer as we walked the halls of the Capital.  My uncle knew everybody but what was most amazing to me was he was wearing his favorite baby blue faded T-Shirt that simple shouted loud and proud; “Soy De Duval”!!

  Epiguemenio Gonzalez too was a brother to Wally Sr. and a great uncle I looked up to.  Eppy served in the US Army.  I remember after I graduated from the same college he had graduated years before (“THE” University of Texas A&I Kingsville) he opened his doors to me in Corpus Christi as I pounded the streets for a job!!  Eppy (“The Big Man” as his grandsons call him) is a tall man at around 6’5″.  Eppy established himself in Corpus Christi and the oil industry.  The characteristics he exudes are a loving man with a HUGE heart.  He showed me the art of working and powering a room.  It doesn’t matter where you go, if my uncle is there he is working the room; first one in, last one out, front to back and back to front.  My uncle is always cracking the jokes so I’ll say this one that he floored me with one day. ~ As we were talking, laughing and carrying on about our astute alma-mater he suddenly became serious and looked me straight in the eyes and said “Wally; you know if I had only know how hard Texas A&I really was I would have gone to Harvard or Yale or something easier”.  LOL.  I love my uncles; and my aunts are just as special!

  Amando Gonzalez is the youngest of my father’s brothers that served as a US Marine.  I remember when I had first graduated I went and stayed with him as again I was searching for a job.  I remember at 06:00 my uncle was waking everybody in the house (visitors included;-O).  I heard so many stories on my uncle both from his High School days on through the US Marine Corp days.  For a man of equal stature as myself he literally taught me by living; it’s not the size of the man in the fight but the size of the fight in the man.  I do believe my uncle would give you the shirt off his back.  He is a HUGE GIVER that on a couple occasions gave me a couple of Marine T-Shirts.  I loved wearing the LOUD AND PROUD YELLOW & RED Marine shirts but every time I slid one on I knew I needed to also slide on some pride and confidence because you could never tell when someone was going to challenge you to take it off.  My uncle served through the Vietnam war.  Friends of his told me on several occasions the stories of how he was sent home on several occasions but he would not stay home for long.  He always picked up his bags and went back in.  My uncle is the historian not only to the family but to the many warriors that have been laid to rest through out South Texas.  He never let’s us forget those that gave us their all and he always reminds us of our roots and where we came from.  Thx Tio. 

Semper Fi!!

I HONOR my uncles for the real lives they lived and characters they portrayed.  I hope these real life characteristics inspire all the Pro Power Associates to persist, do not give up and know that the climb to the top will be steep but worth it!  The future of your family is in your hands.  Legends are made from decisions and actions they took.  Today is one of the best times ever to charter a new course!  Lock arms with your selected pioneer and encourage them to make it happen with you!  If your sponsor is falling short reach up to a Legend and a Legend will always extend a helping hand.  Reach out as many times as it takes and remember all it takes is one lending hand that will keep you going. 

Be Blessed!  Align your prize at the foot of the cross.  Keep your eyes on the on the cross and you will never get lost!

Wally G.

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