Hello!!  Great to meet you!!

I’m Wally Gonzalez Jr. or “Wally G” as one of my Bama friends coined me.


Stick with me as I unfold my story in hopes that at minimum you will be able toUNFOLD YOUR’ STORY”.

To find your purpose in LIFE you must FIRST – Recognize your passive/natural passions and God given Gifts and Talents. 

Once you know your Passions, Gifts and Talents then can you start thinking about your purpose(s) in LIFE.

WARNING: Do not be surprised or frightened if your purpose in LIFE is larger than you ever fathomed.  Let go, Let God!  God want’s you to bless others with your purpose but best of all He will give you all the tools (grace) you’ll need!

As you get ready to go through your journey:  Take your time (more than likely it will not come to you over night), Take notes, Discern what comes to you (don’t just act – mull it over – link the clues (past thoughts, triggers and events that have molded you, made you and landed you where you are today).  Why are you where you are and what things have been happening over-and-over-and-over again that continue to redirect you towards your purpose in LIFE? 

Begin YOUR journey!


That was my thought a few years after I had launched into my “chance of a LIFE career”.  My realization came quick that I was one of many sitting on a steady moving conveyor belt of LIFE going through the same repetitive balancing acts of working, eating, drinking and sleeping.  I remember sitting at my desk one day pondering;

Be all you were meant to be. Dream!

The repeated dream nightmare I recall as I worked through college was waking up many exhausted nights; sitting up in bed in a cold sweat, working as fast as I could with my hands trying to complete some electrical job to satisfy “the BOSS” only to be rushed to the next job.  Employee of the year

The “light bulb moment” that I was not on my illustrious natural DREAM or GLIDE path came to me early in my career when the company I was with awarded me an “On the Spot Cash Award”.

My thought in a snap went from GREAT THIS IS THE BREAK I NEEDED to everyone back to “WORK”!!!!  Since I will be talking about the four letter word; did you know “WORK” also stands for “Job” which stands for,

Just Over Broke

That is what Employers have to pay Employees; “Just Over Broke” money, just to keep them coming back.

One year after receiving my award I realized while my idea was recognized as “Outstanding and Worth Rewarding” it was never implemented into the system.  That real LIFE incident affected how I would allow the rest of my LIFE to unfold.

My thinking switched from striving to climb the corporate ladder to striving just to live a “HAPPY LIFE”!!  A happy LIFE in my  books is a passive/natural LIFE where you’re living and contributing as you were “intended” (you’re living a purposeful LIFE). 

I was still an intern when I realized that if you’re not on the road to your DREAMS you’re probably in a rut working someone else’s dream!  My quest to get out of the rut or rat race began.

Things Truly Happen For Reasons Wally G

I was introduced and started my first home based, Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Company.  While “logical and legal” what I found out in the early ninety’s was “society and technology” were “really not ready” for the MLM businesses.  Truthfully; “I was really not ready” because the reality was I did meet people that did capitalize from the basic business concept.  John Paul Getty said it best;

John Paul Getty Wally G

My discovery from my first MLM venture was generating added income while working and hanging out with positive like-minded people was “VERY FULFILLING”.   The “un-fulfilling” part I encountered was that we constantly needed to make repeated “sales” to reap the “RESIDUAL INCOME” we claimed.

Three months into the venture I was convinced; I really did notlike” sales and I concluded very few people are “cut out for sales”.  “Likes” aside; I persisted with the opportunity because I met many down to earth people from all walks of LIFE for whom “the concept worked”.  Needless to say, after fifteen months of trying to get the second stream of income flowing for myself and my family, I “threw in the towel”.  I later ran into our area lead that told me everyone on the team (some 50-60 strong) eventually “threw in the towel”.

Live and Learn

I graciously took my position back in the “comfortable” big corporate rut but for the good of my health my quest to “Be All I Could Be” took a back seat to “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” 

Wally G Freedom

I grew up in an entrepreneurial house.  I never saw my parents (Aminta &/or Wally Gonzalez Sr.) work for anyone but themselves. While my dad graduated from high school after serving in the Army (Korean Conflict/War, Purple Heart Recipient).

Purple Heart

My mom had to quit school early to help support the family and younger siblings.  While limited in education my parents were infinitely wise.  Below I establish and present to my mom via my branding page a “Servants” ribbon for her inspiration, drive, no quit or fear persona covered with LOVE The ribbon also serves as a BIG THANK YOU to all our current and future Pro Team members that served

Service Ribbon


Wally G Deuteronomy 4 6

My parents started and succeeded in a plethora of “Linear” businesses.  They were my visual epitome of the “American Dream (passive, residual, on their terms).  Along with the real LIFE “on the job” training I gained from my parent’s, my simple conclusion to success was if I just worked hard success (peace, tranquility and my natural fit) would come.  My thought growing up was that I was on my “natural path”.  Half way through my senior year my parents threw me a HUGE curve ball informing me I was going to be the first child of the family to;

40-40-40 plan

Both of my parents grew up in the times of working the fields and supporting the family so their appreciation towards education is understoodTheir perception of the value of the “Education”; while I saw them as – LIVING THE DREAM, was that the grass was greener with a college degree.  To me the thought of going to more SCHOOL was like forcing me to go through four more years of TWO more four letter words;

Work alternative

While I was a National Honor Society member and primarily an “A” student – my mind has always operated in the A-B range spiced with common sense, humor and hard work (Today I do not get too caught up trying to perfect too many things.  I thank my parents for raising me with the second language of Spanish that also helped me decode many of LIFE’s curves). 

Kicking and screaming I believe I exceeded my parent’s dreams by not only receiving my Bachelors in Business but also my Masters in ManagementTruthfully I never stopped gazing at the real “Risk Takers” or ENTREPRENEURs!!!  (I always looked up to my parents and other independent business owners that did it their was as Frank Sinatra sang.)

Long story short, sure enough the degrees cast me down a bank guided river of LIFE filled with opportunities, challenges, experiences that made me who I am today but they never gave me the total “Time and Financial Freedom” I expected (LIFE w/o the banks or restrictions).  My discovery later was that I was caught in the same no win pyramid or rat race that my parents were caught in of a “Linear JOB”.  

 Wally G Scam Alert 40-40-40 Plan

Thank God though for my Parents and all the people He put in my LIFE .  My parents were VERY WISE.  At the time getting an education was the “right thing to do”.  While I thought the opportunity for my immediate Freedom and Success was simply in going to work.  I did not see the short falls that my parents were seeing in retirement and income totally dependence on daily production (the fallacy of exchanging one-for-one-hours-for-dollars).  What changed?

Meet the year 21st Century worker!!

Year 2020!