Where will you be in five years?

Do you know with certainty where you will be in; 2, 5, 10 years? Do you totally control or have the influence on exactly where you’re going?

Wally G Benjamin Franklin

I live in S. Texas and in the last few years I literally watched an incredible spike in the Oil industry and just as quick I saw it diminish.

I remember three years ago driving through the small boom towns such as Karnes City, Alice, Freer, Tilden and just being in awe at the traffic, construction and how money (and the lack of money) can greatly influence things up and down.  Everything in general was “happening”. – Business was “BOOMING”!

The discovery of fracking and times looked invincible. People were buying homes, ranches, big vehicles, cities were investing the added tax revenue into the infrastructure, schools etc.  Everyday people were starting quick food stands, rental spaces in their back lots, restaurants, streets and clubs were packed!!

As quick as the boom came the price of oil fell and all the excitement, buzz and revenue inevitably has gone dormant like the grass under the scorching summer sun of south Texas.

Back are the days of “Now What”?  People have lost their homes, families went from making 30-50K to >100K and now many are either unemployed or back to 20-50K J.O.Bs.

LIFE is good but the last thing you want to do is ride one good wave into the sand.

 Matthew 7_27

While the scripture in itself does not speak directly of the oil boom it does speak about living LIFE “on the rock” or a “solid foundation”.  LIFE and happiness are about perpetually maintaining a BALANCE or PULSE on things you can control; health, fitness, charity and wise prudent investing and spending.

Are you walking the line of LIFE with a safety net or are you a derelict living LIFE on the edge with no personal master plan, no insurance or plan “B”?

Have you ever thought if my job were to go away today what will I do? Time ticks and it doesn’t wait.

Nothing in LIFE is promised but what we do know is we can set second and third plans in place just in case “LIFE happens”. Benjamin Franklin could have added one more thing certain of life:

Wally G Shit Happens

While no plan or backup plan is absolutely certain, having a backup plan helps and prevents panic and an unbalanced LIFE. The more you can wedge into balancing LIFE the more secured and balanced LIFE will be not only for yourself but for those around you as well.

Invest into the safety net of LIFE: Start reading good books, invest in your health, go for walks, start a fitness program, a hobby, always save for a rainy day, take time for yourself, spend quiet time listening to your deepest constructive desires, budget your time, talents and assets expecting LIFE to happen. DO NOT FEAR – Expect The Unexpected. Investigate and invest into secondary solutions that will help when LIFE happens.

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